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Full Spectrum CBD


What is full-spectrum cannabidiol?

Full-spectrum cannabidiol oil comes from the cannabis Sativa plant and contains all the cannabinoids in the plant. While isolate oils and products contain only the isolated Cannabidiol molecule, full-spectrum oil is more potent and offers several health benefits. The high potency of full-spectrum products makes it more effective and produces an entourage effect. 

Reasons to choose full-spectrum cannabidiol oil over regular CBD 

Full-spectrum CBD oil is more potent due to the presence of multiple cannabinoids in its formulation. Patients suffering enjoy instant results and relief from the use of full-spectrum products

As the combination of the several cannabinoids works together in synergy, it produces an entourage effect. This entourage effect makes full-spectrum products more potent than CBD isolate. Increasing the amount of CBD isolate does not offer greater relief to users, but increasing the dosage of full-spectrum products offers great relief.

Role of full Spectrum cannabidiol oil in treating neurological conditions:

Recent studies have proved the effectiveness of full-spectrum cannabidiol products in alleviating symptoms and conditions. The presence of THC and numerous other cannabinoids in full-spectrum products can be very effective!

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