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What to Look For?

What to Look For?

CBD Tinctures

CBD Oil is arguably the most popular product in the CBD industry. Tinctures tend to work immediately when administered sublingually. The absorption rate is one of the highest in terms of methods of getting CBD in your system. Tinctures can be the most effective and highest value product in the CBD market. 


CBD Edibles

CBD Gummies, honey, candy, tea, olive oil. coffee, and chocolate. CBD edibles offer the consumer a tasty way to track your dosing of CBD. If you are new to CBD and are searching for the right amount of CBD that works for your body then CBD edibles are a manageable route to learn about CBD while easily consuming it.


CBD Flower

Hemp flower is a classic and familiar way to experience the benefits of CBD. Hemp flower looks and smells like its cousin plant and is also grown into sativa, indica and hybrid strains offering the full array of benefits. You can roll a joint, pack a bowl, fill up a bong, or smoke a vaporizer of Hemp flower to get the CBD benefits.


CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum

As a consumer in the CBD market, you will find products labeled as Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, or CBD Isolate.

Informing yourself on the difference between these products can empower you when you are making a decision to purchase a new CBD product. 

To understand these concepts you must first be aware of what cannabinoids are, where they come from, and how they interact with your body. CBD and THC are two widely known Cannabinoids that form in the plant, and are extracted and infused into products for use to consume. These cannabinoids deliver the healing benefits of the plant to our bodies. 

An isolate is the purest form of extraction. CBD, THC, CBG are some of the more widely known cannabinoids in the plant that can be isolate. CBD Isolate itself looks like a fine white powder, usually scentless. Isolate can be smoked, vaporized or dabbed via pipe, vape pen, dab rig, and pre-rolls. People commonly sprinkle some on top of their flower.

CBD Tinctures, Topicals, Edibles, and countless other products can be made with CBD Isolate. 

Full Spectrum products are made with all the cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the plant. Full Spectrum products have been known to provide higher levels of relief. This has to due with the “Entourage Effect” 

The entourage effect is the combining of multiple cannabis compounds to create a different physical or psychological effect than a single cannabinoid would have on its own. This is because some cannabinoids will bring out the best in each other, and offer our Endocannabinoid system more balance. 

Broad Spectrum products are made up of multiple cannabinoids except THC. Broad Spectrum products help deliver the “Entourage Effect” to the body without the side effects of THC.