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Lunchbox CBD + CBN Gummies - SLEEP (Use LUNCHBOX10 for 10% OFF) *Minimum 3*

The Joint Stop

Tired of restless nights? With this increasingly stressful world, it's becoming hard to fall asleep... and stay asleep! No matter what's keeping you up at night, you can find a way to have sweet dreams with Lunchbox's CBD+CBN Sleep gummy. 

CBN is the cannabinoid primarily responsible for producing the drowsy effect. Paired with chamomile & Lunchbox's renowned Full-Spectrum CBD extract derived from Oregon-grown hemp; these gummies will drift you off to dreamland. Take 1 or 2 before heading to bed, and have a good night!

The 1500mg gummies are DOUBLE STRENGTH compared to the 750mg & 250 mg varieties.

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Tapioca Syrup, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Pectin, Black Raspberry flavor type natural, Pineapple flavor type natural, Strawberry flavor type natural, Citric Acid, Sodium Nitrate, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Masking agent flavor type natural, Chamomile, Spirulina, Natural Blue, CBN Isolate, Radish Red, Saffron Color

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